Apple II Series Collage

A Brief Overview of the Apple II Series

1977: Apple II The Apple II superseded the Apple I, just over a year after its release. Improvements included colour, sound, and a plastic case....


Propellerhead Reason Line 6 Amp Warning

Propellerhead Reason Line 6 Amps Missing In Version 9 and Later

For many years now, I’ve used Propellerhead Reason software for making music. Last year, after not using it for some time, I upgraded from version...
Roland Mobile Cube

Roland Mobile Cube Battery Powered Stereo Guitar Amplifier Review

The Roland Mobile Cube is a small battery-powered portable stereo amplifier, with built-in speakers. Initially, I bought it for use with a laptop and Propellerhead...


Problems Buying a Used MacBook Pro from CEX

MacBook Pro Late 2013
Online Purchase I ordered a used MacBook Pro from the CEX website, on 21 December 2018. (I've written separately about what lead me to choose a...