Oric 1 Computer

Remembering the Oric-1

School Rivalry The Oric-1 was a direct competitor the the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, and --- like its rival --- it was released in 1982. These...
BBC Micro Computer

Remembering the BBC Micro

Atari 1040STf Computer

Remembering the Atari ST

Sinclair ZX81 Computer

Remembering the Sinclair ZX81


Roland Mobile Cube

Roland Mobile Cube Battery Powered Stereo Guitar Amplifier Review

The Roland Mobile Cube is a small battery-powered portable stereo amplifier, with built-in speakers. Initially, I bought it for use with a laptop and Propellerhead...
Yamaha HS50M Speaker

Yamaha HS50M Active Monitor Review

I purchased a pair of Yamaha HS50M monitor speakers after becoming tired of trying my mixes on various HiFi systems, car stereos etc, and...


Thoughts About 2018 iPhone Naming

Apple have recently announced three new iPhone models. They are similar in many ways, and all three benefit from performance increases, thanks to the...