Atari 1040STf Computer

Remembering the Atari ST

Dreaming of the 68000 In 1985, the Atari ST was launched just before the Commodore Amiga. Like the Apple Macintosh, they both used the 68000...


Propellerhead Reason Line 6 Amp Warning

Propellerhead Reason Line 6 Amps Missing In Version 9 and Later

For many years now, I’ve used Propellerhead Reason software for making music. Last year, after not using it for some time, I upgraded from version...
Yamaha HS50M Speaker

Yamaha HS50M Active Monitor Review

I purchased a pair of Yamaha HS50M monitor speakers after becoming tired of trying my mixes on various HiFi systems, car stereos etc, and...


Brother ADS-1100W Compact Double-Sided Scanner Review [Revised]

This review was first published on 2 August 2018, but has since been updated. A problem with my PC's SSD had previously made the...