Sinclair QL Computer

Remembering the Sinclair QL

Leaping Ahead Standing for 'Quantum Leap', this was Sinclair's attempt to move upmarket. The QL was released in 1984, and featured more advanced hardware than...


Yamaha HS50M Speaker

Yamaha HS50M Active Monitor Review

I purchased a pair of Yamaha HS50M monitor speakers after becoming tired of trying my mixes on various HiFi systems, car stereos etc, and...
Roland Mobile Cube

Roland Mobile Cube Battery Powered Stereo Guitar Amplifier Review

The Roland Mobile Cube is a small battery-powered portable stereo amplifier, with built-in speakers. Initially, I bought it for use with a laptop and Propellerhead...


Using iDrive 2 TB Cloud Backup for Five Weeks

iDrive Backup Progress on Linux
Around 12th April, I started the process of switching from CrashPlan to iDrive, because CrashPlan are withdrawing their unlimited home backup service for home...