For over two years, I’ve been listening to quite a few different tech podcasts, mainly Apple-related ones. This list contains the ones I still listen to regularly.

Accidental Tech Podcast

Hosts: Marco Arment, Casey Liss and John Siracusa.

Length: 1:30 — 2:30 approx.


‘Three nerds discussing tech, Apple, programming, and loosely related matters.’

When I first started listening to this podcast, what struck me was how the hosts seemed to give one another the time they needed to discuss topics from every angle, and keep going until every nuance had been covered. That sort of intelligent, in-depth coverage makes for a refreshing change.

As well as good coverage, the personalities of the hosts fit together well, and there are invariably some amusing moments in every episode — especially when they disagree. This is currently my favourite podcast.

More Than Just Code

Hosts: Tim Mitra, Jaime Lopez and Mark Rubin.

Length: 1:15 — 1:45 approx.


‘The podcast about being an iOS and OS X developer, current events and issues of interest to developers.’

This was the first podcast I started listening to, after searching for something connected to iOS development, and I still listen to every episode. There used to be another host, Aaron Vegh, but unfortunately he left in December 2016. Aaron seemed to have a way of saying exactly what I was thinking. I still miss hearing his opinions, and the energy he brought to the show.

From time to time, there are guest hosts Tammy Coron and Greg Heo. They add some variety, and provide different perspectives.

Apart from drawing attention to current topics, each episode includes a range of picks, such as articles to read and apps to try. Quite a few of these have been genuinely useful to me.

Under the Radar

Hosts: David Smith and Marco Arment.

Length: 0:30


From development and design to marketing and support, Under the Radar is all about independent app development. It’s never longer than 30 minutes.’

The hosts of this show talk very openly about many of the issues faced by independent developers today, such as staying motivated when working largely on your own, and finding the best ways to make money from your apps. It’s a very useful and relevant podcast, and with each episode being only 30 minutes long, it’s easy to find time to listen every week.

Around the time I started writing this article, I listened to episode 110. It was different to all the other episodes I’d heard, and was a sort of personal log recorded by one of the hosts, on the day he launched a new version of an app. It was not an interesting episode, so I would suggest skipping it, or at least trying a couple of the regular episodes first.

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Robot or Not?

Hosts: John Siracusa and Jason Snell.

Length: 0:10 — 0:15 approx.


‘Jason Snell asks John Siracusa to rule on the meaning of various words and concepts. It’s not just about robots anymore.’

This show isn’t really tech-related, but I included it because it’s only short, and it’s entertaining to hear John Siracusa (from the Accidental Tech Podcast) in a different context, sharing his thoughts and rules about the definition of a robot. In later shows, they have started to talk about other subjects, e.g. the definition of words like art and smoothie.

The Run Loop

Host: Collin Donnell.

Length: 1:00 usually


‘A weekly discussion about designing and developing iOS and Mac apps.’

The host interviews a different guest each week, so the show covers a very good variety of subjects and opinions related to development.

Unfortunately, there haven’t been any new episodes since August 2017, but it’s still worth checking out the existing ones.

The Talk Show With John Gruber

Host: John Gruber.

Length: 1:30 — 2:30 approx.


‘The director’s commentary track for Daring Fireball.’

The host is joined by a different guest every week, and usually discusses Apple-related news.

The discussions can go on a bit too long sometimes, and there are times when host interrupts his guests to make sure he gets his own point across. He even swears from time to time — not what you need if you have children nearby — and it doesn’t really add anything useful to the show. Sometimes, he can seem a bit reluctant to be too critical of Apple.

Despite all of the above, there’s still a lot that I like about the show, and I do still enjoy listening to all the different views presented.

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