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Fortnite Battle Royale Week 2 S6 Challenges

The new Fortnite challenges are out, and they're unusual!


It’s a new week, so new challenges await you in Fortnite Battle Royale.

The new challenges are listed below.
(This page will be updated once more is known about the multi-stage challenges.)

Visit ALL corrupted areas. Basically just go the areas of the map that were anti-gravity areas last season.

Use Shadow Stones in different matches. When you are doing the challenge above, use a Shadow Stone before you leave the area.

Deal damage with Assault Rifles. Stage 1 is automatic rifles damage, then Stage 2 is the burst assault rifles turn. (Stage 3 is unknown right now.)

Deal damage with pistols. This is very slow but easy — just go into 50 v 50 and finish people with a pistol.

Deal damage with SMGs. Just do the same, but with SMGs instead.

Deal damage with a Hunting Rifle. Not to difficult but may take a while to complete.Then do the same with the Bolt Action. Then do the same with The Heavy Sniper


Here are some photos of me doing the challenges.

The new challenge are HERE!
Yessssss! New challenges!

Grabbing a shadow stone near Pleasant Park
Getting the last Shadow Stone
Showing the Corrupted area in Wailing Woods
Showing a Corrupted Area

This is my first post on the Jigsaw Mix website, and I hope it has helped you.

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