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Fortnite Battle Royale Week 2 S6 Challenges

The new Fortnite challenges are out, and they're unusual!


It’s a new week, so new challenges await you in Fortnite Battle Royale.

The new challenges are listed below.
(This page will be updated once more is known about the multi-stage challenges.)

Visit ALL corrupted areas. Basically just go the areas of the map that were anti-gravity areas last season.

Use Shadow Stones in different matches. When you are doing the challenge above, use a Shadow Stone before you leave the area.

Deal damage with Assault Rifles. Stage 1 is automatic rifles damage, then Stage 2 is the burst assault rifles turn. (Stage 3 is unknown right now.)

Deal damage with pistols. This is very slow but easy — just go into 50 v 50 and finish people with a pistol.

Deal damage with SMGs. Just do the same, but with SMGs instead.

Deal damage with a Hunting Rifle. Not to difficult but may take a while to complete.

Here are some photos of me doing the challenges.

The new challenge are HERE!
Yessssss! New challenges!


Grabbing a shadow stone near Pleasant Park
Getting the last Shadow Stone
Showing the Corrupted area in Wailing Woods
Showing a Corrupted Area

This is my first post on the Jigsaw Mix website, and I hope it has helped you.



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