Propellerhead Reason Line 6 Amp Warning

For many years now, I’ve used Propellerhead Reason software for making music.

Last year, after not using it for some time, I upgraded from version 8 to version 10. Subconsciously, I probably hoped that having some shiny new features to play with might encourage me to make the time!

I was disappointed to find out that version 8 was the last one to support the line 6 guitar amp devices. So my old and unfinished projects will no longer load and play correctly in the latest version!

That was a big disappointment — it means I’ll have to use the old version if I want to finish old projects, or spend time trying to recreate the sound of the missing line 6 devices, using only the facilities found in current version.

A longer-term concern is that when version 8 no longer runs on the latest versions of macOS and Windows, all those old projects will effectively become obsolete.

I found a discussion about it in a forum called Reason Talk, and it doesn’t look like it was a popular move on the part of Propellerhead. However, it seems unlikely that the decision will be reversed.

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