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Some time around 2012, I discovered a website called This Is My Jam (TIMJ). It was what you might call a social network for music. The idea was that you’d find songs on sites like YouTube, then post them to TIMJ for other people to like and comment on.

I spent nearly three years sharing music tracks that I liked, discovering music I’d never heard before, and exchanging comments with like-minded and friendly people.

This Is My Jam Comments
Some of the final comments on my TIMJ page

It was a great site, but sadly the founders decided to close it down.

The original site still exists as an archive. There is also a separate archive site called That Was My Jam.

This Is My Jam
My page on This Is My Jam’s archive.

Some users deleted their accounts before it closed, which means their comments no longer exist, and any ‘conversations’ which involved them no longer make sense.

It’s somewhat chilling to look back at my posts there from June 2013, around the time my wife Marie died. I’ve always found music to be a great way of expressing emotion, and it was certainly true then as well.


After TIMJ closed in 2015, I looked for an alternative. These are the sites that I tried:

  1. Nusiki
  2. God’s Jukebox
  3. Let’s Loop

All of the sites appeared to be reasonable replacements for TIMJ. However, none of them quite had the same feel. Another problem was that the existing TIMJ users were divided as to which was the best replacement.


I quite liked Nusiki, and used it for a short while. Checking today, it appears that the site is no longer around.

Compared to TIMJ, one difference with Nusiki was that it let you post multiple songs. That sometimes resulted in people posting a large number of tracks, making it hard to keep up. There were also apps for iOS and Android, which was convenient. (Apps are not presently available for the other sites.)

Ultimately, I tended to find that my song selections got lost in the crowd. Therefore, I stopped using the site.

God’s Jukebox

The name of this site did not sit well with me right from the start. I’d rather it didn’t imply some sort of religious connection.

I did give the site a try, and it was heartwarming to find that quite a few of the users I knew from TIMJ had moved there.

Alan's God's Jukebox Page
My page on God’s Jukebox, showing the sort of comment that used to be found on TIMJ

God’s Jukebox is still going. It seems to be a close match for TIMJ, because each user can only have one current selection, with older ones being archived.

I still have an account there, but when I first started writing this, I hadn’t used it since early 2018 — so I decided to give it another go.

~ A couple of days later ~

Now that I’ve posted another track on God’s Jukebox, I have to admit that the site looks good and appears to work well.

At first, it wasn’t immediately obvious how to post a track — you have to click on ‘Select’ to get started. The search facility worked well for me, presenting a number of good matches.

Sadly, I soon experienced the main problem with God’s Jukebox —- the lack of a notification system within the site.

The only way you get to find out about likes, tags and comments is via email. In my opinion, that makes it much less usable.

Let’s Loop

So far, I’ve used Let’s Loop more than the other TIMJ replacement sites.

Like Nusiki, it allows multiple songs to be posted. In general, I try to resist the temptation of doing that, and just post single songs most of the time. But it’s nice to have the option of posting more than one from time to time.

Alan's Let's Loop Page
My page on Let’s Loop. I still use this site.

I like the way the site looks and works, even though it can seem a little quirky at first. (For example, you have to click ‘Loop’ to select a track.)

Like God’s Jukebox, Let’s Loop provides email notifications. However, it also shows notifications within the site, which is very useful. For me, that makes it a much more usable site.

During my time on Let’s Loop, I’ve stumbled across a few tracks I’ve not heard before, or not heard for a long time. And posting tracks there usually results in a few likes or comments, which helps to give a sense of community.

My page can be found at:

Final Thoughts

Both God’s Jukebox and Let’s Loop are worth checking out if you want to connect with people who like music. Both sites seem friendly, and I hope to post more regularly on each of them.

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