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Switching to Bulb for Gas and Electricity

If you're thinking of switching your gas or electricity supplier, take a look at Bulb. There's also a link which gives you £50 if you decide to go ahead.


Tired of Switching Energy Suppliers

Here in the UK, it seems quite common to switch energy suppliers on a regular basis. Since 2005, when it comes to gas and electricity, I’ve certainly done my fair share of switching.

These are the suppliers I’ve used over the years:

2005 – 2009 NPower
2009 – 2010 EDF
2010 – 2011 EON
2011 – 2012 EDF
2012 – 2013 Ovo
2013 – 2014 EON
2014 – 2016 Scottish Power
2016 – 2017 EDF
2017 – 2019 iSupply Energy

The reason for all this switching is that until recently, most suppliers have offered better deals to new customers. So after 12 months, when you’re no longer a ‘new customer’, you would end up on a higher tariff.

Things have improved though, and it now seems that suppliers make it clearer that you’re going to be paying more if you do nothing when your contract ends. They also seem to offer existing customers the option to switch to one of their own cheaper deals. But it’s still necessary to take some action on a regular basis.

Every year, I’ve always used the comparison site ‘uswitch’ to compare energy suppliers. When I checked recently, Bulb seemed to have one of the best deals on offer, so I decided to switch to them.

Choosing Bulb

Bulb are somewhat unusual in that they only offer one tariff. It’s a variable rate which they call Vari-Fair. That makes a refreshing change — most other suppliers I’ve used focus on having fixed-rate deals that last 12 months. Perhaps this might finally mark the end of yearly switching.

If you’re still in a contract with another supplier, you don’t have to wait — Bulb will refund any exit fees you may be charged.

I chose bulb for their competitive prices. But it’s good that they’re also ‘green’, with 100% renewable electricity from solar, wind and hydro, and 100% carbon neutral gas.

Get gas / electricity quote from Bulb. Switch and get £50 credit using this link
Switch and get £50 credit using this link

The process of switching to Bulb has been simple and straight-forward. I got notified about what was happening at every stage, and also when meter readings were required. Their website seems easy to use as well.

I’ve rarely needed to contact customer services at any of the energy suppliers I’ve used over the years. (The exception was a few years ago, when one of them tried to hold on to the remaining balance left on my account, long after I’d switched.)

Even though it seems unlikely that I’ll need to contact Bulb, it’s good to know that they’re highly rated on sites like Trust Pilot.

I’d always suggest using a site such as uswitch to compare prices. But if you are interested in switching to Bulb, then you can use my links on this page to get a quote, and receive a £50 credit if you decide to go ahead. (I’ll also get £50.)

Get a Quote from Bulb and get £50 credit if you switch.

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