I’m well aware that I’m guilty of quite a few of these things. So I decided to embrace it, by writing this somewhat humorous list.

It might also serve as a useful reference, on what not to do.

Write About Things That Don’t Interest People

Write posts about things that most people cannot relate to. Talk about obscure things which really belong in your personal journal.

Write About Random Subjects

Constantly change your focus, and don’t write about the same subject more than once. Instead, write about a range of random subjects, which are not related in any obvious way.

Publish at Random Intervals

Don’t publish new posts on a regular basis. Instead, publish several in one week, then wait a couple of months before publishing anything else.

Don’t Use Social Media Effectively

Don’t share your posts on social media. Only use a couple of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and ignore other like Instagram and Pinterest. Don’t interact with your audience on social media, and only use it to promote your own posts.

Fill Your Site with Adverts

Make sure that there is an advert every few lines in each your posts. Make it virtually impossible for anyone to read your material.

Make Your Site Slow

Use large, high-resolution images and numerous plugins. Use a slow web hosting company, and don’t use any kind of caching.

Avoid Clickbait in Your Titles

Make sure you don’t include ‘clickbait’ words and phrases in your titles, which may boost your ranking in search results. Instead, choose titles that describe your posts accurately, and that make sense to you.

Do Not Write Useful or Helpful Posts

Make sure that none of your posts offers anything useful or helpful to your readers. Avoid writing factual material or how-to guides. Instead, write vague, meandering stories about things from many years ago.

Nag People About Your Newsletter

As soon as someone lands on your home page, bombard them with pop-ups that ask them to sign up for your email newsletter. Don’t give them a chance to read anything first.

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