Updated Jigsaw Mix Website

During the last few weeks, I’ve made a number of changes to this website. I hope it is now faster and more pleasant to use.

Goodbye to Google Adverts

The main thing has been to get rid of Google adverts, as well as the cookies and tracking that went along with them. That meant that the annoying cookie warning could go too.

I wasn’t getting much in the way of advertising revenue from the clicks, and the adverts took up quite a lot of space. I feel much happier about things now that they’re gone.

(I still show my own adverts, which are just simple links. I also still have some affiliate links, which are mainly Amazon.)

Simpler Home Page

I’ve cleaned up and simplified the home page. Gone are the tinted images and ‘ticker’ which showed the latest posts. There is now more colour on the home page, to show different categories.

Adding Cloudflare

The first change alone (removing the adverts) made a big difference to how fast the home page appeared. But I went a stage further by setting up Cloudflare. This will (hopefully) make the site load faster regardless of location around the world.

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