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The Jigsaw Mix website was created by Alan Edmonds, as a place to write about a variety of subjects. There is more information about Alan on this page.


Photos From Elsewhere. Where we’ve used photos taken by other people, we always try to credit them and include links to their profile, as well as the licence terms. If there are any mistakes, please contact us.

Reusing Our Photos. Some photos are marked as public domain, or licensed under a Creative Commons licence such as CC BY 4.0. In those cases, you may reuse them for your own purposes if you wish — provided that you comply with the licence terms. That usually means crediting the author, and showing the source and licence, along with suitable links to the author profile, original image and licence.
(This is not strictly necessary for any images marked as public domain, but we still try to do it in those cases too.)

You may not reuse any other photos without permission.

Kinds of Adverts on Jigsaw Mix

Google Adverts. This site contains Google advertisements. We have no control over the contents of those ads. For more information, please see Cookies and Advertising.

Amazon Links. Some articles have links to products which are available to buy on Amazon. Buying through those links helps support this site, but does not affect the price you pay. See also: Amazon EU Associates Disclosure statement.

T-Shirts and Mugs by Starchip Designs. Some articles have adverts for things like t-shirts and mugs. These adverts are direct links to sites such as: Zazzle.co.uk, Zazzle.com, Spreadshirt.co.uk and Spreadshirt.com

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